CRC Projects

Linkage between atmospheric circulation and surface climate, Environment and Climate Change Canada

This is an on-going research project to study the state of the atmosphere during extreme climate events in western Canada, including droughts and lightening induced wildfires. Future projections are made using climate models.

Future projected Intensity-Frequency-Duration curves, WSP/Focus for the City of Creston

Using historical and future projected data, we provided WSP/Focus with climate information to help them plan upgrades to the City of Creston's stormwater infrastructure.

Columbia Basin Trust Communities Adapting to Climate Change and Climate Action Program.

CRC is providing the climate science of the CAP workshops, setting the foundation for subsequent discussions around planning adaptation and mitigation strategies. Content includes basic climate science that addresses the magnitude of the global warming problem, and projections of changes in local climate in the 21st century.  

Climate change seminars for the City of Nelson and the Town of Smithers BC

The seminars included: analyses of historical climate trends, statistical significance, annual and seasonal trends, and projections of climate change in the 21st century. The seminars provided evaluations of the current geo-political situation and the likely emissions pathways over the coming decades. Assessments of a number of common misconceptions of climate science that are common in prominent media.

Analysis of historical climate records for the City of Edmonton

CRC analysed several climate records in the Edmonton area in order to assess the reliability of the local climate record. We also provided projections of future annual and seasonal temperature and precipitation and provided projections for change in several key extreme thresholds and the probabilities for exceeding these thresholds at specific times in the future.